FREE Plastic Ring Sizer From Blue Nile

Click the button below, then click “Get It for Free” and complete the request form to get a FREE plastic ring sizer from Blue Nile.

Allow up to 7-10 days for delivery.


Nickey -

I like was able to get perfect size for my fiance’s wedding band

Katnini -

Thank you i was not expecting to get it at all 😆😆🙆🏾‍♀️

KatNini -

I meant *doesnt*

IG: kat_nini1 aka katnini -

It works i just got mine today after like a week , it comes from seatlle washington and its a yellow envelope. I totally forgot that i requested this. Thank you. Also it does look exactly like the picture it looks kinda thinner than the actual picture it doesnt have the edges buy it still says blue nile tho. :•)

Aimoni Clark -

I have just received this in the mail. Thank you!

Arieliz -

Thank you

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